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The Pole Story, Essays on the Power of Exotic Dance

Pole dancing is revolutionizing the way in which women relate to sex and their bodies. It has empowered many women through physical fitness and sensual movement. And yet the psychology behind this empowerment has not really been well defined or well understood by many people. This bookis the first of its kind to capture and explore these issues. It has the potential to encourage people to examine their prejudices about pole dancing and female sexuality, and to cast the art of pole dancing in an entirely new light.

About the Author

Claire Griffin Sterrett was born and raised in Washington, D.C. She moved to Los Angeles in 2000 and started studying pole dancing in 2006 with a woman named Tara Moore. Since then, she has trained at S Factor Studio, Evolve Dance Studio and Rock Angel Dance Studio. She is a PFA certified Pole Dance instructor. In 2008, Claire completed her MA in Somatic Psychology at Santa Barbara Graduate Institute. Her thesis topic? “The Embodiment of Female Sexuality Through Erotic Dance.” Claire’s blog, “The Pole Story”, focuses on pole dancing and female sexuality and has been featured on PoleSuperstar.com and PoleSkivvies.com. Claire is also a contributing writer for BadKittyExoticWear, and her writing has also been published in Vertical Art & Fitness Magazine, Pole Spin Magazine, Pole2Pole Magazine and S Factor Magazine. She was a speaker at the 2010 International Pole Convention in Washington D.C. and the 2011 Pole Dance Convention in West Palm Beach, FL. Claire is passionate about educating the public on the benefits of pole dancing and the ways in which it can help women to reconnect with their sensual, sexual selves.


Pole Goals Diary By Lou Landers

This Diary Contains the following sections:

Diary Week to View Layout with Notes Section
* A dedicated Goals Section to help you track your goals
* A Journal section to write your notes, goals and other ideas and inspirations.

Throughout this diary and journal you will find quotes written by Lou Landers amongst other inspirational quotes to inspire you to achieve your goals. Ring bound diary.

About the Author

Lou Landers Lou has been dancing for almost 20 years, studying various dance styles including classical ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, musical theater and even aerial acrobatics and Chinese pole at NICA. She has trained as an aerobics fitness instructor as well as working as a dance teacher in a range of styles for the last 10 years. She is a Professional Pole Dancer with numerous titles and a Brand Ambassador for Bad Kitty’s PoleFit line.



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