Pole Dance Training

Pole Dance training is an exhausting & empowering journey, and sometimes we need that extra protection to push ourselves to the top. With a lil’ help from pole dance training gloves and ankle protectors, you will not only start to understand the motions of the pole dancing, but be comfortable and safe doing it!

Pole Dance Training Gloves
These gloves are specially designed and developed for the sport of Pole Dance. The gloves provide the advantage and practicality that all participants can use from novice to expert. Available with or with out tack in 4 different colors!
Ankle Protectors with Grip
Ankle protectors with tack strips to help the novice build confidence while increasing upper body strength.Also for the advanced student as one can practice longer and harder with confidence and reduced bruising to the ankle area.
Ankle Protectors for Stilettos
Dew Point is available in different sizes & levels, to find the one that is right for you, view the sample pack with all 3! Dew Point adds that mist of moisture that is needed for polers with drier skin to be able to stick to the pole.
Basic Ankle Protectors
Made of sturdy stretch cotton and nylon. Will protect and support the ankle area. Rises on the leg from 6″ to 9″ depending upon size.

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