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If you are looking for the perfect outfit to practice the art of pole dancing in, then look no further that the PoleFit™ line by Bad Kitty®. Bad Kitty’s PoleFit line of fitness apparel was specially created for Pole Fitness Athletes by Pole Fitness Athletes. Over 9 months of research and development have gone into the design, cut and performance of each item in order to provide the highest quality Pole Specific apparel ever created. With the help of Mina Mortezaie, Estee Zakar and Karol Helms, the PoleFit™ line has become one of the fastest growing lines in all of Pole Fitness.

Brazil Pole Dancing Shorts
Our adorable Brazil Pole Dancing Shorts have a Brazilian style back cut, combined with a scrunch butt! These shorts area available in XS to XL in Black. They also offer colors of Red and Purple, but only in sizes Medium and Small.
Fold Over Pole Fitness Shorts
Sleek and Sexy, our Fold Over shorts are the perfect choice for any level of pole. You can fold the tops of the shorts up or down based on not only your preference, but on the move that you are attempting. Not only will these shorts adjust to your body, it will not give that ugly muffin top!!!
Bondage Pole Dancing Top
Dew Point is available in different sizes & levels, to find the one that is right for you, view the sample pack with all 3! Dew Point adds that mist of moisture that is needed for polers with drier skin to be able to stick to the pole.
Iron X Pole Dance Top
Our new Iron X top has already started making its way to the top of most pole dancers most wanted list. This versatile pole fitness top distributes the weight evenly across your back by use of the unique “Iron X” style in our PoleFit material.
V Front Pole Dancing Top
Our V Front Pole Dance top has a hook clasp around the neck with three adjustable slots and a flat bra back clip for added adjustability. Available in Black, Red and Purple.
Fishnet Cami Top
Our Fishnet Cami Pole Dancing top has a built in shelf bra along with a racer designer back. Available in Black, Red and Purple.

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